what is noise

what is noise?

noise event engineering is an event production company founded in 1999 in Athens, Greece by Lefteris Tzouvelis an MSc mechanical engineer. It started as a small-scale company providing sound & light equipment for all kinds of events and turned very fast, into a full Event Production Company.

At present, noise has the privilege of having produced and technically supported some of the biggest, fanciest and most memorable shows in Greece, live concerts & performances of any kind, fashion shows, sporting events, private parties and many more. To put it simply - we create strategic integrated experiences that form a human connection between brands and their target audience as well as the craziest and funkiest parties ever.

Our staff is consisted of technology professionals. We keep our teams small. From the salespeople to our warehouse team to the on-site technicians and creative designers, we are all committed to provide superior customer service and an over-the-top customer experience.
Part of working in a creative industry is imagining what could be and exploring the possibilities.

In 2015 noise was the production company behind the Red Bull X-Fighters in Athens, one of the coolest events ever taking place around the world!